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Ol' Sarge

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OK, here I am. I've been lurking for awhile, and decided to post progress on my 87 long bed. I traded a small pile of camping gear for it. I thought it was a good deal (since it was all leftover army crap) I was browsing around here and read the "infamous" red text about pulling up your carpets and guess what!?!?!



Image Not Found


Image Not Found


above is the drivers' side looking aft, that looks structural, so I guess I'll be making a new piece to stob in there...


in the next pic you can tell, the floors were STILL wet from the carpet holding in the moisture! :shake:

Image Not Found




Image Not Found


and finally here at the last pic you can see a little bit of progress. I tried a spot weld cutter, but the rust was SO BAD i couldn't tell where the spot welds were. So what I ended up doing was just cutting all the metal around the frame rails with an angle grinder/cutoff wheel, and then using an air chisel to reveal all the spot welds, then took a grinding wheel to the remainder. It's cleaned up pretty good now.

I have no sure plans of where I'm gonna go with this truck, but i'm sure there's enough ideas here to give me some inspiration. please feel free to pipe up with your ideas and opinions

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