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Project Grocery Getter

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My last two vehicles were a Nissan Pathfinder, and Toyota Tacoma Doublecab (both lifted, both wheeled)

So I never really had a problem carrying groceries or any other crap while out shopping, but now with the MJ, I really have no room for bags of stuff, especially if the Girlyfriend is with.


SO! here's my idea: I'm gonna make an expanding basket of sorts to go from one bedside to another that will hold some of those cloth grocery bags that are so dang trendy nowadays. It would probably all sink back into one side much like a drawer, I'd put weather stripping between both sides of the door and frame so I wouldnt have to worry about moisture, or any other stuff getting into the closed unit. The plan is to have it all suck back into the bedside when closed, so it wouldnt hinder handing any other payloads.


Id throw up a diagram, but I'm on my girlfriends computer, and my original sketch is on my external drive back home


I guess my only question is: Has anyone already made somehting similar, or is there an aftermarket one available?


After I figure out my own version, would anyone be interested in one? i could probably get it ready to make multiples by summertime (its -20 degrees here most days lately)


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