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Odd starting problems

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This has been bugging me ever since it first appeared. Sometimes when i get into my truck and start it, it starts just fine then as the revs come down to idle it starts to bog down then stalls, i tried to accommodate the boggyness with alittle gas but no matter how much i give it, it doesn't help at all.It fails to start for awhile just keeps bogging down and stalling. after awhile it goes back to normal and doesnt even bog down at all. it seems to happen only on like a warm start, i wanna say its maybe clogged injectors? but i cannot be certain they are after market injectors so its possible. Any other suggestions would be awesome!


also it is a 4.0 out of a 1996 cherokee.

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Check your ceramic ballast resistor on the drivers fender. It adjusts/maintains voltage to the fuel pump..




Ditto, mine cracked in half, they are pretty cheap. If it you have that start issue again, you can jumper the two wires to see if that takes care of the problem, but you still want to replace it after that test.

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