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Clutch question and clunk diagnosis.

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I am the new owner of a 1986 comanche 2 wheel. I bought it from a guy who said it needed a clutch. I bought a 5 speed clutch from autozone and installed it. The truck still did not move but the drive shaft did. So I opened the diff and found pieces of a cross shaft, all the other parts were intact and in good condition. I replaced the cross shaft. The new clutch did not disengage, but only made a ringing sound. It had a really hard pedal like 2 inches off the floor. I removed the spacer in front of the slave cylinder and now it disengages. still has a slight ring when clutch pedal is pressed. ? . I drove it for the first time, and there is a loud clunking noise when I let off the gas. The sound becomes faster and more obnoxious with speed. It is loud enough for people on the street to hear it over the exhaust. I cannot drive it in this condition. I was going to try and replace the u joint, or check the rear end backlash. I am kind of guessing at this point. I would appreciate any help whatsoever.

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I would check the bellhousing bolts.. make sure all 6 are still good and tight.


Can you access the pressure plate bolts from the hole for the slave? Check and make sure those are good.


What all came with the clutch kit? If the previous clutch wasn't making noise.. it probably wasn't a problem with the clutch itself, but something with the hydraulics.

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I replaced the pressure plate, friction plate and throw out bearing. I didn't replace the pilot bearing. I think the transmission is an Ax-5. I am not sure if the external slave cylinder and the 3"+- spacer is standard though.


The clunk consistently occurs whenever I let off the gas. It happens at about driveline speed and doesn't change with or without clutch, gear or nuetral. I am going to replace the u-joints, but they just don't seem to be extremely worn. The front has a slight movement when pushed to the side.


Could it be result from excessive backlash in the differential?

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