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Clevis shackle

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It would be sufficient depending on:


1.) What it's mounted to. Screwed to bumper, no. Mounted properly with back braces along the frame rails, yes. In a hitch receiver (even though it says so), probably not.

2.) You're not hanging 10K+ lbs. on it

3.) You're not "jerking" the load.

4.) You're using a strap with the same or better load rating without strap hooks.


Respect the load rating, and less. The clevis shackle could probably hold alot more, the Jeep? not so much.

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The short answer is yes, they will be fine. :shake:


I picked up 4 "fancy shackles from essentials last year. They are nicer designed for working with straps and the safety thimble I have on my winch cable.






Image Not Found


They work exceptionally well!!



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