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Place seems a little shady,


but they list a Sportsmaster 3020001 for $85 + free shipping:


http://www.closeoutsupercenter.com/1996 ... _1738.html


This 'should be' the 6.5' equivalent to out SWB MJ's,

but the place lists no address, no phone number, I found ZERO feedback on other forums, and they just registered their domain name 11/12/09.




I'd like to put a Tonneau on the 'Grandpa Jeep', but I don't want to get :fs1: :wall: over $85 to a fly by night website.

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I ended up just buying a Downey Tonneau cover.


Looks like they're out of business now, and liquidating the inventory.


I got a Silver Edition MJ shortbed tonneau (pn 41SE) for $149.95 + Shipping ($21.90).



You have to call them for prices & availability.


315-451-0013, or 1-800-844-0013


Only thing I'm not sure of is the snap method (square snaps that click directly into the rail).

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