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need help on a simple part

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A sawzall and cutting torch...you should get close enough to chizel it the rest of the way off with an air hammer :thumbsup:


OK, so there is an easier way. Flip it up at the pivot point, and then take a flat head and (while its flipped up) pull that little tab you can see in the pic out...it only comes out a few milimeters, the whole assy should stay flipped up on its own...just wiggle the assy up and off the rods. Easier done than said.



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Welcome to the club. Just for future reference, the project section is for an on going thread on the build up of your rig. For the tech questions, feel free to post 'em up in the spotlight of the tech section. You'll get faster, and more results... Even though you already got an answer, I am going to go ahead and move this into the tech section for ya.




Rob L. :cheers:

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