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My Comanche Project.....NOOBIE

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I'm new to this site so I will probably have 1000 questions.


Anyway, here is my work truck, 88 Commanche, 4.0 268,000 miles, 7' bed

and my new project, 91 Comancke 4.0 High Output, 80,000 miles, 6' bed oh yeah, i have nerf bars and a perfect condition leather bed cover


any suggestions that are affordable?

I plan to put the painted rims in the pic on it after its painted.keeping it white and black.


i have 15" tires on there now, but i am looking for the largest tires i can fit on these rims....anyone know where to find them.


id put pics on but i can't figure it out

i can't even add a new avatar

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Pics are easy, just sign up for an online hosting site and upload your pics there and copy the links into your posts.


I like photo-bucket, but picture-trail is another one guys on here like... There are many more. most are free for a basic account.


Good luck,


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