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windshield squeak

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Hey guys, ive got a squeaky windshield. Every bump, crack in the road it squeaks. The guy i got it off said to run a bead of window sealer along the bottom of it and it would work. But a mechanic i work with said i would have to pull it out and re-do all of the seals. Which is a good way to fix the problem?

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I would think there is other underling problems as well... I mean the glass will provide some rigidity, but if there is a squeak, something is moving. If its moving enough for a squeak and you mount the glass more solidly, its gonna crack.....


I don't really now what else to say.. Is it leaking? maybe turn up the radio. Messing with this one can only get worse in my mind...



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If............the windshield was set properly, it should not "squeak" :hmm:


It's set in a bed of urethane sealant.


But.........whom ever installed it, might have let it slide down and let the glass set on one of the molding clip tabs.


First, pull off the glass molding, and take a close look at the bottom edge, if the glass is resting on one of the steel tabs, the only way to "fix" it would be to pull the windshield and re-set it.


Unless you want to take a chance and try to bend the tab away from the glass, or slide a piece of plastic between the glass and tab :dunno:

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