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replacing leaky coolant pump..how to measure hub height

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SO..I go to order a new water pump as mine is leaking out the weap hole...and they ask which one.

Gee...not sure...the one for an 89 Comacnhe 4.0....

Yah...I know...which hub height?

Oh....poop...not sure.

So...can I measure the height while the pump is still installed and to what are they measuring it to. Is it from the mounting base of the pump to the top surface of the hub that the fan bolts to?

I want to order it before I pull the old pump...so I can still drive for now. Want to put in a FLowKooler as it gets a bit warm at low offroad speeds.


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...well this was at the local parts store...and they just look at the specs. They don't have one on hand...it was a Napa and they have to get one from the wharehouse.

So..they just said which hub height did I have....the moron behind the counter has no clue what to measure..he is just reading off the computer screen.

I was just looking at FlowKoolers and they also state the hub diameter is different so it look slike the diam isthe easiest to measure since it is right there. Hub height was where I was not sure where they measured from.

I figured just order one from FlowKooler rather than Napa?


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...well understandable but still...the main question was...does anyone know if there is a way to tell which one you have without yaking it out first.

I amagine the answer is..no...since the hub is behind the pulley and the pulley coversa the hub.

But..was hoping someone had a way to tell before I yank it and have it down for a few days waiting?

For instance maybe if you do or do not have say..AC is what makes the difference in hub height as it changes the pulley distance from the motor to account for aC or not. Sometimes that is the alternate way to tell.....although I am making it up as an example.


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