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driveline binding (?)

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Developed a strange clanking sound inside the TC over the weekend. I was up in PA, in the mountains coming down a fairly steep access road in 4LO, second gear, using engine braking/gearing to keep control. The surface was loose stone, about baseball size, with some washouts…about ¼ mile worth. About 1/3 of the way down, the TC started a clank, CLANK…..clank, CLANK…sound :eek: , like someone hitting the crossmember with a hammer. At first I thought it was just loose stones hitting the underside but I was only going about 5-6 mph, so I stopped and anchored it with the e-brake to see if something was hanging underneath. (note to self….remember to chock wheel next time…..) Jumped back into it about 10 ft later :D , and shifted into 4HI, first gear, and the sound went away. Got down the rest of it alive, back into 2HI, and went on back home without any problems. Drove it 325 miles back to VA yesterday with no issues.


Anyone ever hear that from their TC before? After thinking about it some, I *think* it was binding up due to the loose surface and the steepness, like the vehicle weight was “loading” the driveline. I don’t think I did any permanent damage…..probably only went about 50 ft like that :oops: . Woulda been a perfect situation to use 2LO, but I haven't rigged up a manual disconnect for my CAD yet.




Edit: I had the camera with me, but wasn’t really thinking about taking pics at the time. I wish I would have

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