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New booster swap info

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Started the double booster swap today. Mike (comanche87) and Wayne (WBBkrazy) came by to help out.


I grabbed the bracket and brake switch from a 94XJ at the junkyard. This will work if you have a standard but if you have an automatic, like me, it won't. The bracket from my automatic MJ has a smaller bracket welded to it that the shifter cable mounts to. You need this mount to hold the shifter cable housing in place so that only the cable itself will move when you shift.


I considered grinding it off and bolting it to the new bracket but their is a bracket on the new one for the newer style brake switch that is in the way. I ended up using the newer bracket and swith and just switching over to a floor shifter like in an XJ. I have pics of the two different brackets but can't find the cord for my phone to load the pics, will load when i find it.


Then a rear brake line broke and bleed screw broke on my front drivers side :headpop: so they will be replaced tomorrow.

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