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2.8/3.4 Swap Transmission Options

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Sorry, 2.8 and transmission brought up a lot of search items.


I seem to have earned a reputation for picking the least popular drive train combination.........


I'm trying to do my homework ahead of time, while I've got the 2.8 running fairly well (knock on wood). I'd like to have all my parts ready for a swap when the 2.8 quits, so I've been researching, making a list, and started collecting parts.


What transmissions will bolt up to the 2.8/3.4, other than the ax-5?


Is the comanche ax-5 the same as the wrangler ax-5?


I know that I've read about the TJ/YJ guys swapping ax-15's into their 4cyl jeeps using a dakota bell housing. If so, then I could get away with mating the ax-15 to the 2.8/3.4?

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