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looking to get a lift now

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ok so its been awhile since i logged on. since i was last on i picked up another comanche. its a white and brown 89 2wd sb. i got a front d30 out of a cherokee and the tranny and transfercase set up for a 4x4 swap. now that i have all the parts for the 4x4 swap, i got some money saved for a lift. i already have a set of 33s and i don't want to cut my fenders so i was thinking about a 6inch lift. does that sound right or am i going up way to high to fit 33s? i have a d30 up front and i got a d44 in the rear so I'm not too worried about gearing. i should be ok right? the lift i am mainly looking at is the hell creek 6 inch. looking to spend somewhere between 600-900 on a lift, but as usual the cheaper the better. any other kits i should look at? thanks for all your help. being only 17 i am really learning my way around these jeeps. i got 2 comanches, 1 cherokee, 2 grand cherokees, a cj7, and had another cherokee but it went to the scrapper.

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What width 33s? On what rims?


On stock rims you can run 31x10.50s with no lift. A 33 is only one inch higher than a 31 on the top, so in theory you could run 33x10.50s with a 1" lift. However, if you have 33x12.50s then the tires won't fit inside the flares and fenders, so you have to lift enough to keep the body clear of the tires.


How will this truck be used? Street only, mild trail use, or hard core rock crawling? (In other words, how likely is it that the suspension will ever be fully articulated and crossed up?)

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the truck is going to be used as mainly a daily driver with some mild offroad use and towing. its the 4.0l, but getting close to 200,000 miles i am going to build a stroker motor for it. its got a d44 in the rear but the gear ratio tag has rusted away. i am going to be running the ever controversial 2inch wheel spacers on it. the rims are factory grey grizzley rims off a wrangler. tires I'm not too worried about. i was oringally looking at the super swamper thornbirds because the sidewall looks like really aggresive but the actual tread is very streetable. i havent herd good things about them in the mud or snow, but the truck is stored in winter and i am hardly ever going to wheel it (the suspension probably will never be flexed to full articulaton) the size i was looking at was 33x11.50x15. a friend of mine works in the factory that makes superswamper, interco, pitbull, parnelli jones tires and i can get any tire design (besides the bogger and irok, they are made in mexico) in any size for about $200 for ALL 5. so back to the lift...i want to run 33s, with minimal amount of lift without rubbing or cutting my fenders on stock wrangler rims with 2inch wheel spacers. what is a good lift height that will suit my needs?

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