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Anyone ever replaced roof/shingles on a double wide??


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Our traileriffic second home that we moved into to live in full time last year has a few spots that are leaking on the roof... not major leaks... just damp spots on the interior ceiling plaster.


I need to replace the entire roof (shingles) but I'd like to try and just spot fix it till next spring.


If I have to get into the entire job what kind of plywood am I going to find under the shingles?? Melamine particle board or OSB board??


Is there anything that I should know about that is different from say ripping off a roof from a good stick built house??


What kind of nails?? Staples am I going to use??


Anyone have any suggestions??



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What you find under the shingles depends on who the manufactuer was and what part of the country the mfg home was built for. State codes also apply. I've done a couple and their no more diff. than a stick home. Less roof pitch so less chance of slipping off & busting your a--. Stop by a Lowes or HD and they can enlighten you on shingles and retainers and the required spacing of nails/staples. Good luck

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