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Accel ignition coil.?. worth it?

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OK, so here I go again asking about performance parts for my MJ. I feel like blowing a little cash on the MJ tomorrow, so I was on Summit Racings website making my shopping list and I stumbled across this:


"More performance for your Dodge or Jeep.


These ACCEL Mopar Remote Super Coils provide increased performance for Dodge trucks and Jeeps. You get quicker starts, improved idle, crisp throttle response, and higher top rpm power. These coils are compatible with Mopar J-TEC computer-controlled ignitions, and are direct bolt-in units."


They want $46 bux for it, plus another $23 for a wiring adaptor. I did a search and found a few people who have installed these, mostly on the 2.5 it seems, and a few have reported good luck on the 2.5...but I am working with the 4.0...and a high output at that; any success stories on this product? Or is this one of those don't fix if it ain't broke things.?. Just thought I'd ask. I do notice -intermittant- hard starting, but at other times it starts on the first or second crank, and the occasional rough idle. Nothing bad, never would've put second thought to it had I not seen this product.


Think I am going to get all the neccesary stuff to do an elec fan conversion too. I'm just in one of those "I want to buy SOMETHING for my jeep" moods :nuts: Thanks!



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Hey James. I've been running the Accel coil on my stroker for years, mainly because of Hesco's recommendation. It does put more voltage to the plugs than the stock coil, and all I run is the solid copper-core Champion plugs. I also pull the plugs randomly and the color has remained ideal, as well as the A/F ratio according to my meter. I gap the plugs @ .040 vs. the stock .035 recommendation. For a stock engine I'd keep the gap @ .035 though.

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