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Uggggg - It might be terminal.


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Worked on the Comanche for a while today.


It looks like the extent of the rot is far worse than I had thought. Someone did an "awesome" job disguising it with bondo. The floors aren't too horrible, but the outer rocker on both sides is pretty much shot (constructed almost entirely of bondo and what appears to be duplicolor bedliner) and the pinch welds are rotting away.


Not sure what to do.

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I know there are a few people on the group that would just weld a steel rock slider in place. I have also heard that you can use a trilgate guard off of a '94-'01 dodge ram to weld in, as it has almost the same contour, and can be had in diamond plate. I have 2 complete rocker sections from a 2 door cherokee that I was going to use, until Paul, mfpdm, sold me the rockers and a cab corner off his parted MJ.


Look for a 2 door cherokee in the yard, and cut out the section you need... Might be easier to find than a clean MJ section.

Rob L.

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That might be the best course of action. It looks like I can get the outer skins for a Comanche online and the inner rocker skin for a 2dr Cherokee.



I'm not exactly skilled with body work, so I might call around to the vocational schools that have auto body programs and see if I can have it done there.





My uncle owns a body shop, though I don't like to call him for favors because he always acts goofy about it.


Just got of the phone with pops and he informed me that my cousin's boyfriend (recently "out" of high school) is working at the shop and that my uncle has been hesitant to teach him on paying jobs. Makes sense, going back and fixing his mistakes probably kills the turn around time.


I might give him a call tomorrow and see if he'd be interested using the Comanche to teach the kid. I'm not too worried if it's not perfect, just as long as the rust is gone and it's solid. I wonder if it makes more sense to order the replacement panels on the internet, or go down to the jy and hack the sides out of a 2 dr cherokee if he's going to use it as a learning experiment.

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