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Factory Fog light wiring

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on my MJ, it has a roll bar and fog lights that would appear to be factory but I'm not sure. The fog lights were working when I got it but now they aren't (as well as my interior lights).


I'm troubleshooting my fog lights and can't seem to get things sorted out, I don't have any documentation. There is a blue wire running from the fuse panel (near the clutch) that runs to the switch on the dash. coming out of the switch in the dash is a green wire that has a male blade type plugs. When I flip on the switch, there is power reading on the green wire. It looks like it could plug right into an empty slot in the fuse panel. There is a red wire that appears to be going from the fuse panel back to the fog lights.


There is also a gray wire running in the same direction but I am unsure what it is for. These wires look like something someone might rig up but i am not sure. Anyone have any insight? I took a couple of pictures but taking them underneath there, none of them really turned out that well. I don't think you can tell anything from looking at them.


Should i just remove all those wires and re-wire everything using a relay? i don't see a relay but am not sure if there is some kind of relay built into the fuse box with the way the wires are running etc.


thanks in advance,


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If you do not know how something is wired, you have to trace out the wires using a continuity checker or meter. It sounds like someone picked up a hot wire from your interior lights circuit and used it to power the fogs thru a separate switch and it possibly blew a fuse. W/o tracing out the wires you can't know. I don't trust anyone's wiring, including the factory. Suggest you start from scratch and wire the fogs up correctly through a relay.

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