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Cooling fan plug, shouldn't I have it?

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I just got a 97+ 10 blade cooling fan and put it in today but have not wired it in. my truck does not seam to have the cooling fan wiring harness and I thought that was weird. I checked an 88 Cherokee that was at the same place and it had the plug and fan from the factory. the plug was routed out of a wiring harness that was just behind the drivers side headlight. on my truck (87 with not AC) did not have any plugs coming out of that part of the harness


I circled in red the area with plugs that are not in my truck and I'm wondering about.

the plug labeled "Diode module" is that where the other 2 plugs (fan motor and radiator temperature switch) plug into?


I guess I'm hoping that I can grab the harness out of a junk yard and just plug it in.

I would think that they used the same wiring harness for every truck (with same engine) but I guess not.




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