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Fuel Pump installation problems

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The fuel pump went out on my Comanche so I began replacing it today. Old one popped out just fine and thought everything was fine and dandy. But the new pump doesn't fit correctly in the mount, so I had to shave a little bit off of the top bracket and got it to fit. The tank is sitting on the ground, and I just connected the pump before I bring the tank back up. The pump runs when I turn the key to run, but does not pump any gas. There is about 3 gallons of gas in the tank, so it should pump gas shouldn't it? Is this just a bad pump?

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Are you sure the bayonet is correctly seated? There are three tabs to align the pump with its mount inside the tank. Double check this and get some more fuel in the tank, If the pump runs, its unlikely it will not pump. Its more likely the sock or inlet is not in the fuel.



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