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Jeep Clubs Meeting in Baja


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Hi guys

I just like to share a bunch of pics from this event that took place in Baja (my area) a couple weeks ago


Hope you guys enjoy this

A pic before entering the Dunes in "Laguna Salada"

Theres 4 MJ´s in the club i hang out with...here´s just 2 of em´

you can see people drinking gatorade from my container ( because of the 120+ Farenheit degrees) :ack: wich is a normal temperature for us in this area...

Theres like 4 or 5 clubs in this pic you can see how good was the event (over 110 vehicles)

Team Only Six poser pic image_209027.gif

Carne asada Time



i´ll post some more pics and vids ...of course if guys want to

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