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front coil springs

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This is an odd question, but here goes. The front coils on my mj have the top 3 or 4 coils touching each other like the spring is broke. BUT they are both the same and kinda look like someone put lowering springs in. Are these factory or are the springs bad? Also on the subject of doors. Do you get doors from a 4 dr or 2dr cherokee?

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Doors from 4-door Cherokees fit the Comanche. Preferably earlier Cherokees. Somewhere along the line they changed the height of the latch/striker. I know it's different from '97 and newer, but I don't know about 95 and 96.


It sounds like you may have aftermarket variable rate springs in the front. Take a measurement from the center of a wheel hub straight up to the bottom edge of the flare. Stock height should measure 17-1/2 inches.

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