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head lights and brake lights

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i just swap every thing from a 94 cherokee to a 89 cherokee and we are working on the rear end wiring and when we hook everything up the head lights and brake lights did work can anyone tell me why or if it could be a fuse.

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'94 = Chrysler


'89 = Renix era (AMC)


Unless you replaced the rear harness with the newer one, there could be a crossed wire in the connector, you really need to check the FSM's from both, and cross check, wire color (termination) and terminal location.


The dimer switch in on the steering column, left upper side, just behind the knee panel, the switch could be shot, or you might need to change over the dimmer switch.


I'll get this wrong., I think.......but Chrysler went to a Positive ground system, were Renix is a negative ground system.......or did I get that backwards again :hmm: Anywho, all the switches need to be change over to which era you want to end up with.

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yea we hook up the rear harness the lights still did not work



You swapped the rear harness from the '94??


Check where the body ground is in the rear, that could be your problem.


Also check the body/engine ground.

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