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buying a wagoneer, need rear main help

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No need to go to NAXJA, it has been discussed here.


The 4.0L uses a two-piece rear main seal. You do NOT need to drop the transmission, or even unbolt the bellhousing. Drop the oil pan, remove the rear main bearing cap, loosen the other caps, and use a short length of 1/8" brass rod to drive the upper half of the old seal out. Wipe the surfaces of the new upper half with clean motor oil and push it back into place. Put the new lower half in the cap, apply a dab of silicone (RTV) sealant where the two halves meet (try to keep oil OFF the mating surfaces), and reinstall the rear cap. Retorque all the caps.


Buy an oil pan gasket for a 1995 or newer 4.0L engine. It's a one-piece gasket that's a LOT eassier to work with than the original, multi-piece gasket set.


The most difficult part os getting the oil pan off without destroying it, since the factory glued them one. Then you have to maneuver it around the oil pump pickup, hopefully without knocking it loose from the pump. There's no way to really explain just how to do that, every truck is different. Some people unbolt a motor mount and jack up the engine a bit, other folks haven't needed to do that.

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Well, with all respect to your father, I am probably older than he is and I KNOW that works. That's how I got a new rear main seal in my '88 Cherokee 4.0L.


If he thinks it won't work, I'd like to know why he thinks it won't work.

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