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jeep comanche running gear question

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The engine can be made to work with the ZJ harness, although it's not going to be easy.


The front axle will bolt directly in, however ZJ D30s are low-pinion, and it will actually be a downgrade for you.


The rear axle is not even worth it. ZJs have coil and link rear suspension, so the axle would need a decent amount of work to make it fit in your MJ. D35s and ZJ D44s are not worth the trouble.


Honestly, you will be better off finding a complete XJ for a donor. Front axle is a much better option, for the most part the wiring is going to be a direct swap (since XJ and MJ engine bays/dashes are the same), and fiddling with the rear axle will be easier.


Something you may want to consider though... Since your MJ is a 4 cylinder, it probably has lower gearing than the 6 cylinder donor would have. If you're going with any sort of lift or larger tires, you'll probably want to keep your existing axles. If you have a 2.5/4 speed now, and you go with a 4.0/auto donor, chances are pretty good the gearing will be the same. (3.55)


Broken down, really the only thing feasible to use from a ZJ is the longblock unless you have too much time on your hands.

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