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xj -> mj; Two different front driveshafts!?!

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OK, so I have either completely lost my mind, something has shifted in the front of my MJ, or there are two different front driveshafts...I have an '88 MJ 4.0 4x4 5-spd; I stole the front driveshaft out this last winter as I desparately needed it for my '88 XJ 4.0 auto that I never put the front shaft into after a 4x4 conversion ('88 donor) because I misplaced the u-bolt straps during the conversion...it was in the middle of the night in a blowing snowstorm, couldn't see much, but I do remember the driveshaft both came out of my MJ fine, and went into my XJ fine. I later sold the XJ.

The time has come; I have to attend something important tomorrow that the directions say "4wd required to get to the site"; that said, guessing the dd Subaru wouldn't be the best choice. I grabbed the front driveshaft out of my current project ('94 XJ auto donor), and its too long :hmm: I then just kept the strap kit, and went for the '88 XJ's original front driveshaft at my storage...once again, about 1/2 inch too long :wall:

Fortunately, I found out I can ride my dirtbike out there to make up for not having my mj :thumbsup: but WTF!?!

Is there two different front driveshaft lengths between the auto/man, or different transfer cases, or is something in the front of my MJ tweaked?

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The AW4 is about an inch longer than the BA 10/5, so the driveshaft would be a bit longer. It's got nothing to do with XJ/MJ.


4cylinder shafts are also shorter, with differences between auto and manual.


There's at least 4 different stock front shafts, along with the old CV shafts used up until 87.

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Well, crap...just my luck :grrrr: Guess I can expect to spend some more quality time at my local pick-and-pulls this weekend in search of a BA 10/5 front driveshaft. LOL, was hoping to avoid going there...with all these mj/xj projects I got going on, they know me by name now :shake: They must think I am nuts...which I guess I wouldn't argue; Each one of these projects I take on I swear is my last, as the aggrevation is almost not worth it...but then I always manage to find that craigslist score "in need of TLC" that I just can't turn down at its price. Oh well; on the bright side I manage to make a little cash off each one when I sell them. Anyway, thanks for the info :thumbsup:

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You can post up a WTB thread with your location in the classifieds, may get you better luck. I personally have 3 of the exact shaft you need.


And just an FYI, the AX-15 and BA 10/5 are the same length, so used the same shaft.

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