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Front axle non disconnect swap

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I'm in the middle of swapping a single piece passenger side shaft into my vac disco axle housing. According to Autozone as well as Advance Auto Parts, for a non-disco housing the passenger and driver side seals are the same. Went to install it and no go.


The Timken/Mational 710068 seal has an outside measurement of 2.128" designed to fit into a 2.122" shaft. That works on the driver side of a vac-disco housing, and either side of a non-disco housing.


The vac-disco housing passenger side tube is smaller, though. Supposedly NAPA 11800 (2.004") or NAPA 11771 (2.000") will fit. Don't know what Timken/National part number they cross reference to.



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when i did this on my mj i used a dremel and ground down the passenger tube in the diff so that a stock seal would fit. it was a pain and it took forever but i feel its worth it. the stock seal has a little ramp built into it to guide the axle shaft in to help keep from damaging the seal when installing the axle.

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