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Aluminum Jeep Rocker Panel Guards

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the Aluminum Jeep Rocker Panel Guards from warrior products witch one would i buy for comanche the 2drxj or 4drxj i no i will have to fab up to make work but oh well unless someone can tell me where to buy for the mj also some body side armor plates like the xj rear quarter panel where to buy them

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First and foremost, WELCOME!! :cheers:


To my knowledge no one makes this specifically for our MJ's. I used 1994 Dodge Ram rear gate guards for my rockers. (GREAT fit) Check my build thread for pics and explanations. As for the rear rocker guards I made mine form flat stock. bent them up with a friends brake. Again, ck my build thread in my Sig for lots of info..



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aluminum on steel promotes rust.




epic fail if you're trying to prevent rust.



While that's slightly dramatic, corrosion can occur, but technically its called galvanic action. Its the result of moisture between the dissimilar metals. (Ever try to remove an old style V8 alternator pivot bolt?) It can be eliminated with good paint coat, anti sleeze, grease, silicone or something simular applied between the surfaces.


O.P., If your doing this to cover up rust holes and do not remove and seal all rust from these areas. Pat is correct, you will only end up with bigger holes when the steel beneath rots away and the aluminum plates fall off...






edit for spelling.

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