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Help w/floor pan issues

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I finally got my mj out of the pasture where it was rusting away and home to the mice, now I have to deal with the holes in the pan. What seems to be the best way to patch the floor. BTW, I'm not a welder.


You can see what I'm dealing with at




The current state of this long bed is a stipped cab--dash and all are out and I'm ready for help. I have had people tell me to glue in floor pans, or rivet in new pans because welding will only weaken the other metal and the problems will get worse.

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Read this:



Some good info.



You can get the pans here:



The welding has to be done carefully to make sure it doesnt get to hot. After you do your tack welds, move around when connecting one tack weld to the other. This allows the metal where you just welded to cool. I am not a welder either but I have to do this to my MJ this summer. I plan on learning to weld prior to doing the job with a welder a friend is letting me use.

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