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adding power steering...

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Ok, I have my steering box - donated from an 88 Firebird Formula with the WSX package. It is supposed to be a tighter box. All I know is that it fits. The input on the manual box is super long, so the bigger


And after looking in the bay a bit today I got the impression, that the only other things I will need would be the physical pump, a reservoir (be it a stock on or if I used a remote tank), the lines and an afternoon. It looked like the bracket that holds my dummy pulley is exactly like the bracket that came off my when I upgraded the manifold. Anybody confirm this? I may go a step further and use the pump from a 4.7L GC which is supposed to have a higher pressure. Should make for some easy steering in my endgame, roadracer scenario.


I had read rumors that said the lower rad hose would need to be changed, true?

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Here's a link that will tell you the ratio of the many available faster steering gear boxes that are bolt-in for the XJ/MJ w. the Saginaw 3-bolt boxes. I used a 96 ZJ box (12.7 ratio vs. the 14.1 stock box ratio), but all ZJ 93-98 boxes have this quicker ratio. For the pump I used an 04 TJ pump, as the higher pressure was correct for use w. the ZJ box and the bracketology was correct to mate with my 01 intake manifold.



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