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NAXJA- NAC-Fest June 11-14th!!!

Andy in Pa

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Come on MJ folks, its time to come out in force!!! My wife will be there wheeling our MJ, and there will be a handful of others too. This event is being held at Rausch Creek in Jolliett, Pa. There will be all levels of trails available, from mild trail rides to insane rock crawling. We are staying at a very nice campground close to the park this year, and plan to have a great BBQ and raffle on Saturday evening. In years past, we have given away multiple aftermarket front winch bumpers, rear aftermarket bumpers, lots of recovery gear, and even a few long arm kits, lift kits and XJ D44 axles. We are expecting 40-50 rigs, and hopefully at least 1/3 of them will be MJ's this year!!!!!


Here is the link to the forum with all of the info:



Also, I meant to add that Rausch is having one of their local Rock Crawling competitions (RCROCS) that weekend too, so you can wheel for a few days, then hang out and watch the comp on Saturday. If you have never watched a comp before, it is pretty impressive the abuse that some of those rigs take, and the crazy lines that they are trying to run!!! Here is a link to the Rausch Creek website:





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:fs1: Due date of baby number 2! :banana: its bitter sweet i guess..


LOL!!! OK, I guess thats forgive-able. Of the top 10 LEGITIMATE excuses for missing this event, that is like #1 or 2... :yes:


Congrats on your soon-to-be new arrival!!

:cheers: :cheers:

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