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Blue Ox Towing bumper?

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I have a Motorhome and I tow a car, I would like to tow my MJ instead of the car. Does any one make a front bumper that is designed to hook up to the Blue Ox system. I am satisfied with Blue Ox but would consider another system if the price and quality is right.


I have seen photos of a lot of bumpers with a 5K cut in them, It looks like the tow mounts could replace the D rings on these bumpers.


I would even go for a stock look by making the foam blocks removable and having the tow blocks under.


What are your Ideas.


Tin Moon

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Well, as a matter of fact, Blue OX makes a tow bracket for the MJ/XJ. :D


Far as using another bumper, I'm sure you could get one that ties into the frame and you could use your system with it. A lot of after market ones out there with D ring mounts. I'm sure you could find or mod an adaptor for the mount. The Blue OX tow bar should be adjustable for witdh.





PM sent.



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