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CCV and power steering trouble shooting

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Here it goes....


#1. My power steering leaks EVERYWHERE. The pump is fine and works great as long as I keep dumping fluid in it. My question lies in what to replace...I was thinking all hoses and fittings including the pressure hose, as most of the fluid seems to be coming out of the connections. Is there anything else anyone would recommend. Gaskets, sealers, etc?


#3. Lastly, I need to replace the fresh air tube and fitting that goes from my valve cover to my air box as well as the smaller diameter tube and fitting at the back of the valve cover which is part of the CCV system. The smaller one in the rear is not too bad, but the fresh air fitting going into the cover is rotted and leaks oil. If someone knows where i can get a new set-up that would help, or better yet if someone has a decent one lying around that would make my day.


Thanks for any help... P.S. the pig is a 1987 2.5L 4 speed.




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napa has the ccv tubes for the 4.0 but i couldnt find any for the 2.5 Did you check rockauto.com?


For the PS, I would clean everything real good then watch it to see where it is leaking. I thought i had a rear main leak on my XJ and after cleaning everything i found a leaking tranny line; the rear main was fine.

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