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30 Axle Seal

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I know you have to pull the outer pass axle, but, out of curiosty, and me being a lil lazy, I was wondering if anyone has replaced the pass side axle seal on a 30 without having to pull that inner axle? I haven't had the cover off that vac coupler yet to see if a seal would slide in the tube past the end of the inner axle. Yeah I know it would be tuff to seat the seal in a tight spot, but, I,ve done it in on other vehicles in unusual manners before. Sometimes it was a lil time consuming, which I got a lot of. Am I pi---- in the wind here?

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Yep. I use a piece of all-thread, a thick washer big enough to cover the seal, and a nut. On the end sticking out of the tube, I use the same thing, and draw the new seal into place. If you want, you can also use a slide hammer, with a similar setup. I don't happen to have a slidehammer, though.

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