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oil leak and stuff

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So, I have an oil leak. There is so much grime on the engine that I can't exactly tell where its coming from, but I have a sneaking suspicion that its the valve cover gasket. The leak forms a drop on the bottom back side of the engine and drips onto the exhaust pipe. I'm going to change the valve cover gasket, but I'm wondering if the leak is likely to be coming from anywhere else?


Also, what is the oil pressure supposed to be? Yesterday, I drove it for a while and I went pressure wash it, just to get the grease and grime off the motor (I did not use full pressure in the engine bay) and the caked on mud off the under side. I noticed after I washed the bottom end of the engine the oil pressure seemed to be lower than normal. The truck also seemed to run a little hot...but I don't know. The temp never got in the red but, every time I stopped the temp would creep up then once I started moving it would go back down. When I stopped again it went higher than it did the first time I stopped. Once I got to the shop and shut it off the temp needle got almost in the red.


The truck sat up for about 8 months before I got it. And yesterday when I drove it I stomped on it a few times, but nothing too serious.


Any Ideas?? :hmm:

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