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Buck and Stall?

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In the mornings when I first start-up and let the engine warm up for about 5 mins, and I take off, the first time I come to a stop sign or any stop, the engine will start bucking causing the whole truck to shake and most of the time the engine will just stall out. And even after I have been driving it for awhile sometimes when I come to a stop the engine will stall randomly, only with a MUCH less buck, sometimes unnoticeable. Anybody have any ideas? Any help will be appreciated

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5 speed or automatic?


Both my 88 and 89 XJs did something similar, I just got into the habit of giving it a little gas when I had the clutch pushed in to keep the motor just above 1000 RPM.


From what I've seen reading posts, I possibly could've fixed the problem by popping the IAC out of the TB and giving it a good clean.

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