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procomp suspension

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does someone is using the procomp suspension lift kit in from of a MJ? I know that the kit is for a XJ, but in from, it is the same suspension...

if yes, are you using it with the MX6 shock?

how about the coil spring, too stiff or too soft ? :???:


thank !

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The kit for an XJ will work fine on the front of you MJ. I don't recall ever running across anyone using a ProComp on an MJ, but I have sold & installed the ProComp coil spring kits on other Jeeps and the customers were happy. ProComp has issues with leaf springs being very stiff, but the coils are fine.

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My XJ has a procomp 3.5in front lift that I am very happy with. I think the rear leaves are Rancho full packs. Over all I like it. It has not sagged much at all, it might have settled 1/4in in about 7 years. I did not flog it much, but it did get a few beatings. It was my DD so I had to take it easy.

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