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2.8L swap HELP Please!!!

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i have a 1986 jeep comanche with the GM 2.8L

i would liek to swap this to another newer V6 with fuel injection...or even better i want a 4cyl more than another V6. what 4cylander engines will fit into a comanche and work with the transmission i have without alot of modification? i was thinking,could a 4cyl out of a older Chevy s-10 with basic fuel injection work b/c the same v6 was used in those trucks or can an AMC 4cyl work? Any 4 cyl would b best for me and if i can't use a 4cyl what V6 engines with fuel injection work? Thanks for all your help :D

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The Comanche Cherokee/Comanche 2.5L 4-cyl had throttle body injection from 86 through 90, and multiport injection from 91 through 2000. That has the same bellhousing bolt pattern as the 2.8L V6. That would be my first (and last, and only) choice for a 4-cylinder swap. If you want a better V6, use a 3.4L out of a rear wheel drive Camaro or Firebird. (It has to be from a rear wheel drive vehicle.)

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