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My last switch/electirical woe, I hope...

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I have had my steering column apart to replace the key cylinder and ignition switch. I had trouble getting all the pieces back in correctly, but finally it looked and acted right, until I tried to put on my high-beams. The lever will switch it to high-beam when I pull it, but it doesn't actually click into position and stay on. My question is does the switch on the column click into the on position, or does the mechanism on the column arm somehow make it stay on. I can also move the dimmer switch manually, to make it go on and off of high, but again, it will not stay on. I would appreciate any thoughts. Right now I have it loose on the column, and I can move it back and forth, it just doesn't want to stay on.


I would appreciate any thoughts.

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The high beam sequence is controlled by a rod that extends down the steering column. It will go from inside the top shroud down the column on the left side to the center of a switch that is mounted on the opposite side from the ignition switch plugs. It has a wire that plugs into it, and is adjusted by loosening the locking nut at the back and the small bolt in the front.


I suspect that, if the high beams will flash but not stay on, the wiring is correct but the switch needs adjustment upward (towards the driver). A way to check is to grasp the rod with your hand and push it towards the switch (on the column - not the stalk but towards the firewall). If you don't feel and hear the audible 'click', the switch needs to be closer as the rod is not quite activating the mechanism.


Let us know how it turns out.

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I thought it might be a positioning thing, so I loosened it and moved it back. As I mentioned, I can click it by hand and it works, it just won't stay on. I believe I am pushing on it as far as it will go, but maybe not. I will double-check it again tomorrow to see if I push it a little harder if it will click on and stay on. If it will, I will reposition it closer and the rod is still in place and ready to go.




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