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will these gears fit my comanche's dana 30?

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Based om this...






4.11, 4.56, 4.88 CJ Style Standard cut gears

4.11R, 4.56R, 4.88R Reverse Cut / High Pinion YJ Style Gears

4.11TJ, 4.56TJ, 4.88TJ Short Pinion Standard cut TJ Style Gears

3.73 carrier required if current gears are 3.07-3.54. May be purchased in our Ebay Store


I would say this guy has BOTH, as the TJ and XJ/YJ gears are different. Just specify yours as a XJ/MJ with a factory HI-Pinion D30 and you will be fine.

ALSO, you will need a carrier that will support the taller gears as there are two dfferent ones based on what your axle has now.



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