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chrysler 8.25


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What do you want to know?


A posi Lok for our jeeps fits the D30 FRONT axle, not 8.25 REAR axle.


If your asking about a POSI rear carrier for the 8.25. YES a number of companies make them. Auburn and track loc are but two of them off the top of my head.



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I'm guesing this is that your talking about.


If you say its not hard to do I'm gonna buy it.

And i think this is the only product quadratec doesnt tell what it does :cry:

That's it, but I thought you could find them cheaper than that. I personally would never buy from Quadratec, but that's my beef with them.


If you have a decent mechanical knowledge and follow the instructions...you can do it. It is just a replacement for the spider gears so you don't have to take the carrier out of the axle. The basics of it are simple...just take the diff cover off, remove the spider gears and install the lock-rite according to instructions. That makes it sound very simple, and as I said, it's not terribly hard, but it does require a medium level of mechanical aptitude and some patience :cheers: .

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That one scares me.."These units are not recommended for applications with high horsepower or large tires."

I don't think this would be good for wheeling.

That link is for a spacer for the unit, not the lock-right itself.


I don't know if you know Ricky from JeepersDen in Orlando, but he has run his competition YJ (2.5L & D44's w/4.88 gears) on these for several years with 35" BFG Krawlers and has never broken one. I have seen him break driveshafts & u-joints though.

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Yep...I know Ft Pierce. We are there at least once every year for the local Jeep Club (Treasure Coast) show. We travel all over the state to shows with our business selling T-Shirts, Hats etc, etc... ;)


Anyway...back to the Lock-Right... I just talked to Mike at JeepersDen and he said he could sell you one for $329 (discounted price). They are a bit higher than I remember and Mike said that they were $279 - $289 range about a year ago, but like everything...they have gone up.


Check them out at www.JeepersDen.com if you wish and give Mike a call. I told him that we were having this conversation and to possibly expect your call :cheers:

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