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Hi I"m back up and Floorboards

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I've been down with a bad back so haven't been around to do much.

I was last here looking for help replacing my floorboards. Still doing that.

I have grind and keep on grinding. I also took the bed off and I'm grainding and yes still grinding. I'm planning on renting a pressurewasher and give it a good cleaning before I put por 15 on the bed fram. I'm thinking of putting por 15 before I close up my floors, any ideas about that?

Now that I'm at this point should I frist replace all my rusty brake lines before I put the por 15 on? Maybe I should wait? Any ideas about that?

Also Ive read here I think that por 15 shouldnt be left outside in the sunlight aftre its applied? Is that only because it isnt UV protective?

What happens would it weaken it? Or only changers color?


Happy to be back and doing stuff slowly :chillin:

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