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woohoo! shop decor


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well, since my dad no longer makes a living out of his shop (since going back to work for a company that builds semi trucks), it's getting very clean...and as a result, we can begin to decorate it.


begun today, started with a junk tailgate :brows:

add a center cap, and an old 4 cylinder Hurricane filter cover, and it's gettin there. now if only i could find that j4k hubcap clock i made...


future plans include an old willy's grille that I've got laying around (after I get headlights, turn signals, and the headlight trim rings for it...then I will paint it white and black and put it up), and a complete front clip from a junk cherokee I've got...this will be functional with headlights and turn signals which actually turn on.


one thing I'd really like is to get a junk MJ box, chop the back off of it, mount it on the wall, and put the parts washer in it with a drying rack on one side .

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Those are some pretty good ideas.but what no beer signs?


I've got a few neons and a couple old school hardboard posters for pabst blue ribbon, a packers and miller light neon helmet (around 3'x3'), a milwaukee bucks one (it's junk because it has the bucks on it :oops: ), and the posters are MGD.


i don't really want them in the shop cause it gets real dirty in here, and I also don't drink. i've made a few mistakes in my life, and so I'm not willing to do anything to get myself into more trouble

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Sounds like you have a good collection, but what does drinking and driving have to do with signs on the? :dunno:


who said anything of drinking and driving..i'm not THAT dumb.


i just don't want valuable things up on the wall...things tend to get damaged by sitting in a shop collecting dust. :shrug:

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