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electric fan/thermostatic relay question - Stuck!

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So I wired up my PermaCool fan to this Imperial (by Hayden) fan control. Has a wire to battery, ground, fan(+) - with fan (-) to ground, backup power wire (for ignition off fan operation), and a wire to a/c.


The way to test this before finding out it doesn't work and cooking your motor is to turn on the a/c and see if it kicks on the fan. I didn't splice it into the a/c (+) wire yet, but did give it 12 volts, and the fan didn't come on. Tested the grounds and they are good. I hooked the backup power wire to the fusebox with a female butt connector to one of the "Batt" spade terminals.


Should the backup power go somewhere else?

Does the a/c(+) give 12 volts?

I always like to assume the part works out of the box, but I suppose that could be the problem too.





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