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removing the rear brake adjustment system

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one of my rear wheel cylinders is shot. I am either going to be putting a nice set of new drums, shoes, springs, and cylinders on it; or if I can get my hands on some I will be going with some ZJ rear discs. Probably will go ahead and do new MC and Power booster too, switching to the newer style there. Either way I want to ditch the weird factory system.


I can just swap in the newer prop valve and run new lines correct? Or is there something else I need to look out for when doing this? I eyeballed the MC and power booster pretty well, and glanced under the truck to follow everything, wanted to make sure I had not missed anything.

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If you are talking about removing the height adjuster from the rear axle then you need plug one of the holes on the prportioning valve and only run one line to the back. I'm not sure which hole to plug, i will try and find the thread. And you keep the MJ prop valve.

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