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231 to 242 swap

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I would like to take the 242 case out of my 89XJ which is 4.0L, Aw4, 242 and put it in my 90MJ which is 4.0l, Aw4, 231. Why? Because i plan on driving the 90MJ as my winter vehicle and the 242 Full Time 4x4 is alot easier to deal with when driving on roads that are patchy with ice/slush/dry spots. Anyways, is it just a straight swap of the T-cases or is there more to it?

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Pretty much. I'll be doing the same swap in the Wild build. Thing to remember is that the 242 came with the non-cad axle and you may need to supply the vacuum for it which came or went through the 231. Not a problem if you are swapping the axle that came with it, which also has the bigger u-joints.

That's the only thing I can think of with the exception of the shifter guide that has an extra position on it. (4x4 shift lever thingy) :D



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