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Boosting a renix!?

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My question is not how to turbo or supercharge it. How will the computer react to the boost? From what I hear you can’t reprogram it or add a chip to it. Some folk say the computer will learn it and it will be ok if you keep the boost low. I’m not so sure about that. I need some real facts. So if anybody has seen any sites about this, please post a link. And I’m not talking some 16 year old kid saying he is going to do it I want to see some one who has it done already and is talking about it. or maybe some of yall have done it. I have had a pretty hard time finding anything on this.

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I doubt it. I am gonna turbo either my mj or my XJ. The XJ is a 91 and I am pretty convinced that the computer would not handle boost well. I am going to go with a megasquirt ecm. www.diyautotune.com It is a pretty cheep diy fuel and spark control computer. Replaces the factory one and you just tune it yourself. There is no real way to burn an eprom for a jeep, and no tuners will touch the stock computer. You can try a psc-1 standalone fuel unit that would actually do a lot, but the megasquirt unit costs less and will do fuel, timing, spark, advance, boost control, and launch control.

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