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More Questions about my MJ

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I have had plenty questions about mods for my 89 MJ. Thanks alot to those who gave me advice. I love these trucks and have done a decent amount of research about them, however, it appears that I have not done nearly enough. On the driver side under the speedometer there is a switch that appears to have a trans on it and one way says power and the other says comfort. What is this about and which one should I have it on to drive daily? Thanks again

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its the power/comfort switch....the later models don't have them b/c they are "hardwired" to power...you can run either..


Comfort setting is a lower/softer shift point and you get a slightly better MPG


Power setting will rev longer and shift a tad harder


My XJ has this switch and mostly i just leave it in the comfort setting just to get the slight MPG increase is all

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