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Swapping To Buckets

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Is there a thread on this? I tried a search but came up with nothing. I have an 89 MJ and picked up some good leather buckets from an XJ. I put then on manual tracks from an 89? XJ and when I went to install then the studs didn't line up. Do I need MJ mounts only? Did they change bolt pattern from year to year?

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You're going to need either MJ bucket brackets or adapt the brackets on the bottom of your bench. There is a really good write up.


Or you could fab something up with the XJ brackets you have and put new studs/bolts. You're going to have to mess around with the floor pan though.

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I was planning on using the info in the link to mount my buckets, but fortunately an MJ with buckets showed up in the wreckers this week, so I grabbed the brackets today and mounted the seats. I can sure see why I should find some seats from a 2DR Limited if there ever was such a thing. I want to stick with the leather. I suppose if a guy was ambitious one could swap the leather upholstery to some 2DR seat frames. Maybe another day.

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