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Found 2 results

  1. The truck was running fine but the block had JB weld on the block. After the install I am not getting spark from the coil to the distributor. We switched out the coil as well as what i am suspecting is the module underneath it, from my current daily which i know is good. Still nothing. We used a test light and went from my daily (which is the exact same engine) and tested the same wires on both trucks. They were both similar in responses. I marked the picture so it was easier to explain what we have tested so far to make sure. we have power to the red, ground to the purple, nothing on the brown, ground on the blue, and nothing on the green. the red had power on both trucks. the purple had ground on both trucks. both had nothing on brown The brown has a connector where it goes from two to one under the shrinkwrap on one truck.. i didnt even check that on the other. the blue on my daily pulsed while the truck was running and one the other it stayed solid while the key was turning over. we used a spark detector on the wire from the coil to the distrib. and from the distrib to the 1 cylinder. nothing on each Any advice guys? I am stumped. Thanks in advance for any help Edit: we also checked the fuses and made sure the alternator was hooked up correctly.
  2. Long time listener, first time caller! Ive got a lot to explain, so ill get right to the point: 87 Comanche HO Swap Ran after swap fine for a month Problem: A short in the dash powerside wiring (the small orange/black wire) caused a no start problem The dash light wiring has been repaired Symptoms: No spark from coil No injector pulse Fuel pump primes but not running during cranking Intermittent Voltage gauge operation Tachometer not working Diagnostics: CPS is newish and tests at 235 ohms and puts out .5v ac current during cranking 5v at tps and map TPS tests puts out 0.8v MAP tests good O2 tests at roughly 400 ohms Both temp sensors test good Replaced coil, ICM, coil lead 12v and good ground at ICM 3 prong plug Ground at ICM 2 prong plug (not sure if this is supposed to be, the wire is yellow) 12v to coil from ICM Opened up ECU, looks good and all testable components tested good The four relays behind the battery all test good, same with the relay on the drivers side engine bay Cleaned C101 connector (was filled with goopy sticky black stuff) Cleaned plug going to fuse box 9 filled with same stuff) Checked the CPS resistance at ECU pins D1 and C1, came back same as at CPS Checked all fuses and fusable links Cleaned ground strap and connections at the starter relay I thought I had no power at ECU but I think I am testing the wrong connectors (D10 and C11) my wiring diagram seems to be wrong, what pins should i check for power at? I am honestly stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Ive read through nearly every forum I can find
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